Tuesday, 15 December 2020 03:27

TVL HRS COOKERY hypes SHS crowd on Online Cooking Show

Written by Seanne Bjorne Gatdula and Aaliyah Guenn M. Villacampa

"Do you have what it takes to be an Impastar?"

This was host Sophia Tinimbang's challenge to the contestants of Impastar, the online cooking match where innovation, talent, and cleverness of Grade 12 contenders from Alain Ducasse - Technical, Vocational and Livelihood/ Human Resource System (TVL HRS) Strand show off their culinary skills in a cook-off.

Presented via Facebook premiere, Tuesday, November 24, participants were given 50 minutes to cook different versions of their own pasta recipe.

Kaela, Hermo rustled up her Filipino-style Pesto Pasta while Mizel Dela Rosa prepared Fresh Tomato Vegan Pasta using her mom's inspiration in beginning to develop a vegan lifestyle. Dennialla Sacdalan put together her homemade version of a classic pasta dish, Carbonara.

In addition, the challengers were interviewed and asked various questions that lead them to explain the reason behind their interest in cooking. They took the opportunity to not only showcase but also encourage viewers to pursue their passion for cuisine.

The 'ZoomBukluran' type of event was conducted to foster unity among SHS students. Taking part in the first-ever online cooking show that showcased recipes that could benefit the viewers in making these dishes in the comforts of their home.

Lastly, viewers were tasked to judge and select the contestants with their winning dish and be hailed as the first and last Impastar, which would be announced after the dissemination and deliberation of the voting forms.