Our Story

The story of St. Dominic College of Asia (SDCA) is a shining example of what a dedicated family is capable of achieving through perseverance, hardwork and cooperation. The College traces its roots with the establishment of the St. Dominic Medical Center (SDMC) in 1992 by founders Don Gregorio and Dona Dominga Andaman. Named in honor of Dominga, the SDMC has proven itself capable of meeting the medical demands of the community with its modern facilities and excellent services.

In 2003, 12 years after the realization of the dream hospital in Cavite, St. Dominic College of Arts & Sciences was founded. The College is the family’s gift to the community and the manifestation of their commitment to provide excellent but affordable education in Bacoor and neighboring communities.

Initially offering programs in Caregiving and BS Nursing in collaboration with the SDMC, St. Dominic has evolved into a full-fledged collegiate institution with fourt schools: School of Health Science Professions (SHSP), School of Arts, Sciences, Criminology & Education (SASCE), School of International Hospitality & Tourism Management (SIHTM), and School of Business & Computer Studies (SBCS).

In 2007, the College embarked in an ambitious long term goal which aims to achieve a university status within the next 20 years. The plan for “The March Towards Excellence” was presented to the academic community and became the blueprint for development. Preparations towards accreditation of the academic programs was pursued in earnest. Rebranding strategies were also explored to make the College more relevant, responsive and congruent with the current trends and practices of a highly globalized educational system. In 2009, St. Dominic College of Arts & Sciences was officially renamed St. Dominic College of Asia. The change of name was made to allow the College grow and provide more room for expansion in its programs and services in the years to come. This change redounds to the benefit of the students as it will eventually give them positional advantage in the crowded workplace in the competitive world for its name reflects the global standards that the College stands for.

In 2011, Dr. Marita A. Andaman-Rillo, eldest daughter of the founders, passed on the presidency of SDCA to the equally dynamic and capable youngest Andaman son, Dr. Gregorio A. Andaman, Jr. Constantly pushing for continuous change andimprovement, Dr. Andaman, in his first year of presidency, launched the institution’s battlecry “Revolutionizing Education”, a campaign reflective of the Caviteno’s aggresiveness and fighting spirit. Highlights of this academic transformation include the launch the Basic Education Unit (Preschool, Elementary, and High School), and accreditation of Business Administration, Information Technology, Education, Psychology, Hospitality Management and Nursing programs by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA), both in 2012.

"Your Vision of the future, is our Mission today."

Our Mission

To revolutionize education by purposively linking quality of education, training, and research with community service in pursuing the holistic development of individuals through innovative programs and productive activities attuned to local and global demands.

Our Vision

A dynamic and proactive university in Asia dedicated to excellence in providing learner-centered education, research, and sustainable community service towards the attainment of a better quality of life.


St.Dominic College of Asia aims to:

  1. Prepare the students to become competent, productive and socially responsible professionals.
  2. Actively promote research and the utilization of new technology for the enhancement of individual competencies.
  3. Assume leadership role in addressing the concerns of the academic community towards improving their quality of life.

Core Values

St.Dominic College of Asia performs its various roles toward the achievement of its Vision-Mission-Goals as it anchors itself on a four-point set of core values: