Photo by FDCP

St. Dominic College of Asia is now part of the Academic Film Society (AFS) of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), which aims to gather various film schools in the Philippines to collaborate and “promote the incorporation of film in institutional academic activities as well as training for teachers on how to use film in the classroom and in 21 st -century learning”.

The AFS was formally launched last year with the students, but on April 5, 2024, the academics, teachers, and administrators of various film schools from Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao gathered in UN Avenue, Manila, for the formal academic launch.

Dr. Richardson Mojica, BA Communication Program Chair, represented St. Dominic College of Asia to AFS. Prof. Tim Rone Villanueva, BA Communication Faculty Member, was also present during the event and recognized for his participation in other AFS activities.

During the launch, Prof. Seymour Sanchez, a former BA Communication Faculty Member, and current FDCP Education Consultant, discussed the various ways in which FDCP, through AFS, can help film schools through funding, technical support, and other means, as well as the current trends pertaining to film education in the Philippines.

Director Jose Javier Reyes, FDCP Technical Consultant, mentioned that the AFS wants to emphasize and differentiate the roles of two equally important divisions in film education: those teaching films academically (film studies) and those teaching the technical aspects (film techniques). Both should learn from one another. Furthermore, Reyes stressed that films should not be Manila-centric. He said, “Let us bring the films to the provinces. Encourage film machining among students in their languages and dialects.”

Dr. Mojica plans to partner with FDCP through AFS with various projects under the BA Communication Program and other programs with film components. “We welcome this opportunity here at SDCA as this gives more leverage for the students.” Dr. Mojica said. He added, “We hope that we can produce a film thesis between BA Communication and BMMA students in the next semesters with the help of FDCP.”

SDCA taking steps towards internationalization

Hopkins and SDCA seal partnership through TOEIC

by: Richardson Mojica

In the continuing pursuit of academic excellence in providing international and global quality education, St. Dominic College of Asia (SDCA) renewed its partnership with Hopkins International Partners, Inc., the sole and ETS-authorized provider of TOEIC in the Philippines, through a Memorandum of Agreement.

SDCA has taken great leaps toward its goal of internationalization by partnering with various reputable international institutions and organizations for the past years. Since 2021, SDCA and Hopkins have sealed their partnership with the establishment of the SDCA Language Studies Center in the same year, initially through the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) for the students and employees. As the years progressed, the partnership also included language training, seminars, and other forms of support.

TOEIC is an international standardized test of the English language intended for non-native English speakers. It measures English language proficiency in reading, listening, writing, and speaking in the workplace and in everyday life. TOEIC is widely recognized locally and abroad by more than 14,000 organizations in 160 countries.

For the past years, SDCA has maintained a decent institutional Common European Framework for Reference for Language (CEFR) level of B2 (upper intermediate), which means that SDCA students and employees are more advanced and more independent users of the English language compared to others. SDCA has also produced at least 5 perfect TOEIC scorers in the past years and numerous C2-level students and employees.

This academic year, graduating students took the TOEIC Exam last March 8 and 9, 2024, with more than 400 students taking the exam. Non-graduating students, faculty members, and employees will be taking their exams in April and May this year.

English proficiency is one of the keys to successful internationalization activities as this serves as the main language in communicating with the international community. SDCA commits to further developing its students, faculty members, and employees to be more proficient in communicating with others through the international language.

The formal signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between the St. Dominic College of Asia School of Medicine and its base training hospital, the San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation, Inc., officially transpired last August 25, 2023. A formal permit was granted last November 15, 2023, in time for the 20 th Foundation Week celebration of our institution. A celebratory signing ceremony followed last January 31, 2024, at the China Blue of the Conrad Hotel, Pasay City, to seal this valuable partnership aimed at strengthening medical education and training opportunities for our future medical doctors.

The clinical rotation at San Juan de Dios Hospital will provide clinically relevant experiences for the medical students to be able to apply concepts learned in the first three years of medical training related to the evaluation of patients with presenting clinical symptomatology to determine appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic management. With its wealth of patients, competent clinical faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and supportive management, SDCA medical students would progress in their journey toward the fulfillment of their dreams. The shared commitment of both institutions to progressive medical education, delivery of quality health care, and social accountability will transform our medical students into future compassionate, competent healers.