Tuesday, 04 July 2017 07:19

Nagasaki International University and Nagasaki Junior College renew exclusive partnership with St. Dominic College of Asia

On June 13, representatives from the Nagasaki International University (NIU) and Nagasaki Junior College (NJC) in Japan arrived at St. Dominic College of Asia (SDCA) for an official visit which was highlighted by a partnership renewal signing between the two institutions.

SDCA and NIU/NJC have started a partnership in 2016 which allowed educational collaborations and exchanges between the institutions. In that same year, NIU sent sixteen (16) students to SDCA to take an English Proficiency program. SDCA administrators, instructors, and students, on the other hand, were offered to be welcomed at NIU and NJC for educational visits or internships. This 2017, with the partnership renewed another batch of Nagasaki students will stay at SDCA for the same English program.

The Nagasaki delegation was led by the Mr. Takaoki Mizogoshi, Manager of Nagasaki Junior College. He was joined by Mr. Norihito Fujishima, NJC Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education and Social Welfare Department; Mr. Kazuyuki Tzukahara, Chief of NIU’s International Center; and Mr. Hitoshi Kato, CEO of JP Talk Inc. which serves as coordinating office between the Philippine and Japanese educational institutions. SDCA, on the other hand, was represented by Dr. Gregorio A. Andaman Jr., President); Dr. Marita Andaman-Rillo, Chairperson of the Board; Dr. Nilda W. Balsicas, Vice President for Academics and Research; and Dr. Carolina P. Danao, Quality Assurance and Institutional Planning Officer.

Dr. Andaman expressed his excitement about the partnership. Both SDCA and Nagasaki delegation heads are optimistic that the collaboration will open bigger doors for mutual cooperation.