Tuesday, 23 May 2017 07:13

Accomplishment Reports Presentation of the Academic and Non-Academic Organizations of SDCA

St. Dominic College of Asia aims to hone the leadership skills of its students. Through academic and non-academic organizations, students are able to create, plan, communicate, and execute projects that help betterment the life of its members and the community. To keep track of their accomplished plans, SDCA annually conduct Accomplishment Report Presentations per organizations. This is where the organizations are given time to present their accomplishments for a duration of one year, to the panelists. Whereas, the student leaders aren’t only evaluated, but they are also given suggestions to improve and motivate their work, for their future projects.

On the Monday morning of May 22 , the representatives from different organizations of St. Dominic College of Asia both academic and non–academic, has gathered in the AVR, Dominga Andaman Hall for the presentation of their accomplishment and community service report for the two semesters of the school year 2016-2017.

Each organization representatives comprises the President and the Vice President that presented before the panelists.

Mr. Jonathan Velustria Sta. Ana, Student Affairs and Services Director introduced the panelists and the mechanics of the presentation to the representatives. The panelists are Mr. Paul Silva (Student Discipline Coordinator), Mr. Ronald Dominguez (Community Outreach and Extension Officer), and Mr. Jonathan Adanza (Research and Development Officer).

After each presentation, the panelists voiced out there comments, questions and suggestions to them. Then based from their accomplishments, the panelists chose the top 5 organization with the best presentation and achievements. According to Mr. Jonathan Velustria Sta. Ana, this year is the start of giving out awards for the most active organizations.

The top 5 organizations will be announced and awarded on the Pasalubong ceremony (a welcoming ceremony for the freshmen), during the oath taking of the new set of officers on August 1.

By: Nicole Marie Valdez