Saturday, 20 May 2017 08:14

Basic Education Teacher`s Personality Developement Seminar-Workshop

 “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

- Henry Adams


Teachers are one of the major influencers of a child’s belief and character. They have the power to educate and transform young minds through their teachings. What they imply to a student can make a big impact to its life. Therefore, it’s important to have a teacher with a strong foundation of skills and character at hand.

             To constantly serve its students with holistic education, St. Dominic College of Asia conducted a Personality Development Seminar on May 19 in the AVR, Dominga Andaman Hall, for the benefit of the Basic Education teachers.

           The main goal was to enrich them and inspire the fresh graduates who attended the said seminar.

           Ms. Eunilene S. Pragides, a Filipino teacher from SDCA Basic Education Department, hosted the event. It was facilitated by Ms. Teresita Pedrajas, Psychology Professor of the School of Arts and Sciences and Education (SASE) Department. She discussed the four pillars of development and strategies of becoming a more professional teacher in the field and shared her insights and learnings as a teacher in psychology.

         Aside from the discussion part, there were also activities consisted of group discussions, role playing, broadcasting and brainstorming. There, the teachers were able to refresh and learn new strategies that they can use in their teaching load this coming June.

           The event ended with an awarding of certificates to the speaker and the attendees and a prayer.

By: Nicole Marie Valdez