Tuesday, 09 May 2017 02:13

A Toast To The Parents With The SHITM Students.

Behind every student’s success, there are parents who are supporting them. Students are well aware of the hardships of each and every parent that are enduring and sacrificing in order to support them in their studies.

To show gratitude and give back to the parents, the School of International Hospitality & Tourism Management (SIHTM) held an event named, “Classical Epitome”,a food & beverage service procedure and culminating activity, last May 2.

The said event was a toast to the parents who are working hard to provide their children’s needs. The goal was not just to honor them, but also to allow the students to showcase their skills and learning in the event.

Aside from the parents, faculty members and VIP’s coming from other schools were also invited. The estimated attendees of the event were 50–70.

It took two weeks and a half in preparation, which indeed hada dazzling result.From the serenading song, to the magnificent table setting embellished with flowers, to the food serving, contributed to the success of the event.

The program started with an exceptional performance number, followed by an opening remark by the School of Arts, Sciences and Education (SASE) faculty member professor, Ms. Monina Mallorca, to officially start the night. Throughout the event, the parents were entertained by different musical performances and video presentations of the achievements of outstanding students and faculty members of the department of SITHM.

It was a fun and memorable event indeed. The night ended by giving out tokens to parents as a sign of appreciation to all their hard works and sacrifices for their children. The goal to make the parents feel appreciated and showcase the skills of the SHITM students was achieved.

By: Nicole Marie Valdez