Tuesday, 22 November 2016 01:44

ADC presents Nag-iisang Panalangin

SDCA President, Dr. Gregorio A. Andaman Jr., with his siblings Dr. Marita A. Andaman-Rillo and Emeriteria Andaman-Sagala witnessed their family story on stage through the theater play of Association of Dominican Communicators entitled “Nag-iisangPabalangin” at the Studio Theater, November 22.

Nag-iisang Panalangin focused on the love story of Don Gregorio and Doña Dominga Andaman, simply Gorio and Inggay.

Their love bore fruit with six children who became professionals in different fields and build a hospital and a school as a tribute to their mother.

When asked why they chose the “Nag-iisang Panalangin” as a title, Stephanie Palpallatoc said “Actually kasi panalangin talaga nila Gorio at Inggay na maging mabuti yung lagay ng mga anak nila kahit wala na sila. Tsaka kasi based from APO Hiking Society Song” (Panalangin).

AB Communication Students Erl John Lacman and Jewelle Juanengo Portrayed the role of Gorio and Inggay while James Patricio (Potenciano), Sarah Manila (Marita), Jennica Tolentino (Emerita), Eman Domingo (Monte), Sharmane Isidro (Lina), and Michael Abarro (Jojo) as the Andaman siblings.

Ms. Emerita Andaman-Sagala gave her remarks after the play. With emotions still flowing, she congratulated the actors for their performance.

“Nag-iisang Panalangin” will conclude their show on the last day of the Foundation Week, Nov.28.