Tuesday, 25 July 2017 03:31

COEO awards generous Dominicans

The Community Outreach and Extension Office annually gives special awards to faculty and staff, graduating students, non-graduating students, and student organizations who contributed to the outreach efforts of St. Dominic College of Asia.

These accolades are the SDCA Award for Excellence in Community Service, the Dominga Ramirez Anico Andaman Community Service Award, the Community Service Award, and the Most Outstanding Student Organization in Community Service Award.

Ms. Mary Grace S. Peña, a BS Accountancy graduate, received the Dominga Ramirez Anico Andaman Community Service Award from the COE Office due to her avid sense of voluntarism.

Peña met the qualifications as she served the school as the treasurer of the Central College Student Council (CCSC), and at the same timekept track of her grades.

Being part of the CCSC means being more engaged and active in every community outreach activity in SDCA. So by her will and the opportunities given to her, she was given an edge above the rest.

Do you want to be the next awardee? Here’s how according to the COE manual:

  • - Candidates should be nominated in order to apply for each award.

  • - Activities to be weighted are based upon COE thrusts.

  • - Nominations will be reviewed by Committee and recommendation made to the Vice President for Academics and Research for the award recipients.

  • - The award is presented during the College Faculty Development Program in June of the next academic year.

  • - For the graduating students, the award is presented during the graduation ceremony.Awards for non-graduating students will be presented during the students’ assembly.

Remember, these awards are just an appreciation and recognition. The true essence of volunteering should always be of one’s free will.