Friday, 20 January 2023 01:50

SDCA Posted 37 Newly Licensed Dominican Nurses

The BS Nursing graduates of St. Dominic College of Asia achieved a 87.50% passing rate for first-time takers.

Adding to the long list of Dominican Nurses are:

Jowella P. Abao, RN
Bernadette Ann M. Aringo, RN
Shannen Marie V. Cainglet, RN
Paulyn Faith De Leon Calderon, , RN
Lucky Anthony M. Catillo, RN
Erroll D. Catana, , RN
Jelly Hebreo Convento, RN
Warren G. Carral, RN
Drexvis M. Danseco, RN
Ericca B. De Guzman, RN
Normie A. Diaz, RN
Jaylawrence Victor V. Dizon, RN
Bernice Christylle M. Española, RN
Dhylene G. Galon, RN
Denica Marie Ilang-Ilang, RN
Kimson Christylle S. Lagmayo, RN
Patricia Clare S. Monzon, RN
Maria Evangeline T. Navidad, RN
Charisse Jae L. Noel, RN
Anna Minette T. Ortega, RN
Gabriel T. Panteras, RN
Nicole Shyne May M. Feralta, RN
Joshua C. Perez, RN
Kim Margarett R. Pielago, RN
Jennifer Pineo, RN
Kethra Erica C. Quilloriano, RN
Elha Regin M. Ramiro, RN
Mar Ellain N. Rebosura, RN
Santonina D. Regueta, RN
Edwin F. Reliza, RN
Michelle Marie Q. Rubia, RN
Patricia Anne Luz S. Santos, RN
Cherish Mere Claire C. Sensontic, RN
Rosbania S. Mablog, RN
Bernadette Claudine A. Suerte, RN
Charyze Del Mundo Tevez, RN
Milagros D. Vicedo, RN

Along with our 37 newly licensed Nurses is Avrille Chynne S. Encarnado, RN who placed ninth in the November 2022 Nursing Licensure Examination with an 88.40% board exam rate. This makes her the third top notch licensed professional SDCA has produced since 2012.