Sunday, 14 August 2016 02:16

SDCA participates PTT Sibol

Dominicans joined PTT Philippines Corporation as they support the government’s National Greening program through a three-year reforestation mission dubbed as “Sibol: Re-Greening Marikina Watershed” at San Ysiro Elementary School, San Jose, Antipolo City, Rizal, Aug. 14.

A total of 500 people 15 of which came from St. Dominic College of Asia volunteered to plant trees this year. Volunteers plant 15,000 indigenous and fruit bearing trees. Imelda Schweighart, Ms Philippines Earth 2016, along with the executive officers of PTT also participated in the planting. The project aims to help rehabilitate the area which is now called the Upper Marikina River Basin Protected Landscape.

According to Sukanya Seryothin, PTT Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer, the tree planting is their way of promoting the protection and preservation of the environment which is part of their advocacy under the guidance of their parent company in Thailand, the PTT Public Company Limited The program involves a three-year commitment to plant 50,000 indigenous and fruit-bearing trees in 100-hectare portion 25, 125.64 hectare IMRBPL that spans the city of Antipolo City to the municipalities of Barasm Rodriguez, San Mateo, and Tanay all in the province of Rizal.

Subsequently planting 15,000 seedlings this 2016 in 30-hectare portion of the sheltered landscape, PTT will plant 35,000 seedlings more in the next two years. The activity was implemented by PTT in commemoration of the Birth Anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand, a known environmental advocate together with That King Bhumibil Adulyadej.