Friday, 10 June 2016 01:48

Bayani Challenge & HOPE Conference 2016

June 10, 2016 was the day of creating something new. Community Outreach & Extension Office of SDCA supervised a House Building Project in collaboration with Gawad Kalinga Foundation. Together with CCSC Volunteers, DSAS, Nursing Students and a whole lot more of volunteers, they orchestrated painting jobs to different houses, build a better and stronger homes for less fortunate families. Through this kind gesture, SDCA shows how important shelters are and manage to extend a helping hand.

According to Mr. Rico J. Ramas, one of the SDCA Volunteers. It was a fun and exciting experience, to be able to do labor of love not for his own home, but for the benefit of others. That really is what makes the achievement fun and very fulfilling. He then added that he learned a lot from the experience, and is looking forward to do volunteer works more in the coming years.

The next day was the HOPE Conference 2016. It was basically a talk about everyone’s experiences, learnings and insights during the Bayani Challenge House Building Project. SDCA thanked everyone for participating with the activity, and is looking forward to do more projects like this and is hopeful that a whole lot of volunteers will participate in the coming years. As a donation, they gave all the equipment and materials used for the House Building to the beneficiaries.

This Outreach Program is not just about Building Houses. It’s also about team work, working together in order to finish the task at hand. It is a fact that working as a team would end with great results compare to what’s possible alone. Let’s work together and encourage everyone to do the same, start now and be a volunteer.