Monday, 30 May 2016 03:08

CCSC: Committed to Service Excellence

How do we truly define a leader? The common attributes they seek for a leader must be smart, in authority, and proactive. But one of the most important attribute of being a leader is the commitment. After all what is a leader with the intelligence and all but fails to maintain its loyalty towards service and the organization? That attribute made Mr. Ranel Guanez Rena jr. The first and the last Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (SBCS) student to be elected as the 10th president of Central College Student Council (CCSC).

He started his journey in the student council when he was a freshman. Unfortunately, the hopeful young man failed to win a position during the vote election. However, he was adapted and started to serve. During his sophomore days, his technical skills emerged while he was serving as a part of the committee on community outreach. “Kuya Ranel” charismatic leadership in terms of technical skills made him assigned as head of committee on sports which enabled him to chair SDCAlympics 2014. His fellow student council members noticed his promising navigation in computers. Knowing it, often allows the CCSC to get the work done in more organized. Efficient and timely manner.