St. Dominic College of Asia
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What's New

  • VoiceWorx Caravan at SDCA
    VoiceWorx Caravan at SDCA

    The first- ever voice acting seminar/ workshop was conducted last February 19 2015 at the Studio Theater participated by AB Communication Students.

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  • Team Building: The SASE Way
    Team Building: The SASE Way

    The School of Arts, Sciences and Education held its team building at Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel, Lucban, Quezon, last February 16 to 17.

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  • Oath-taking for SDCA’s New Nurses
    Oath-taking for SDCA’s New Nurses

    The School of Health Science Professions of St. Dominic College of Asia hosted a Thanksgiving Mass and an Oath-taking ceremony for the November 2014 Nurse Licensure Board Passers, last February 20 at the SDCA Skyline Gym.

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  • Austrade Manila Seminar Series 2015 Held
    Austrade Manila Seminar Series 2015 Held

    Austrade Manila in cooperation with Dairy Australia conducted a demonstration seminar to SIHTM students at St. Dominic College of Asia last February 17.

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    Ajinomoto Umami Culinary Challenge (UCC) is an inter-school cooking competition focusing on umami, the 5th basic taste. It engages student participants in group competition categories and recognizes the most knowledgeable and skilled teams in creating dishes that maximize the full potential and usage of the umami taste.


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