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St. Dominic College signed a memorandum of understanding with Multi Stage Inc. and JP Talk Inc. of Japan last September 11, 2018, at SDCA 4th Flr., Luigi’s Bar.

Present on the event were Mr. Takaoki Mizogoshi (CEO, Multi-Stage, Inc.), Mr. Kazuyuki Tsukahara (Chief Center of Int’l Affairs Nagasaki International University), Mr. Hitoshi Kato (SDCA Linkage Officer to Japan), and administrators of SDCA.

The signed agreement focuses on promotion and academic exchange allowing collaborative or exchange academic developments, exchange of students for study and internship, exchange of faculty members for discussions, teaching methodologies and research. This also will enable the three organizations for joint conferences, seminars, and workshops.

In line with the understanding, 12 Tourism and Hospitality Management students was interviewed by Mr. Mizogoshi for international internship.

St. Dominic College of Asia (SDCA), in coordination with Central College Student Council (CCSC) held the Pahayagan 2018, a part of the celebration for Buwan ng Wika, last August 23, 2018 at SDCA Studio Theatre.

Seven schools around Cavite took part on the competition’s Isahang Pag-awit, Dagliang Pagtatangal, Madamdaming Pagbasa, Pagdibuho, and Pagsulat ng Tula category. Meanwhile, student organizations of SDCA also gathered together on the event to compete on the Dalawahang Pagsayaw and Isahang Pag-Awit category. Being able to place in all categories, Las Piñas National Senior High School (LPNSHS) ranked on the 1st place, Cavite National High School (CNHS) on the 2nd place, and Gen. Juan Castañeda National High School (GJCNHS) placed the 3rd place. The winners on the different categories were the following: For Dagliang Pagtatanghal; 1st place, LPNSHS; 2nd place, GJCNHS; 3rd place, Del Pilar Academy Senior High School (DPASHS). For Isahang Pag-Awit; 1st place, LPNHS; 2nd place, GJCNHS; and 3rd place, CNHS. Moreover, the winners for Madamdaming Pag-Awit were CNHS, 1st place; LPNSHS, 2nd place; and Sangley Point National High School (SPNHS), 3rd place. On the Pagsulat ng Tula category, LPNSHS got the 1st place, GJCNHS on the 2nd place, and SPNHS on the 3rd place. Lastly, on the Pagdibuho category, the winners were CNHS, 1st place; DPASHS, 2nd place; and LPNSHS placed on the 3rd place.

For the inter-organization competition, the winners for Dalawahang Pagsayaw were Global Educator’s Guild (GEG), 1st place; Association of Dominican Communicators (ADC), 2nd place; Psychology Society (Psysoc); 3rd place, Laboratorium Duces; and placing on the 4th place was the Red Concepts. Moreover, the Red Concepts topped the Isahang Pag-Awit category, PsySoc on the 2nd place, Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy on the 3rd place, and Alliance of Future Hospitality Managers placed on the 4th place.

The Pahayagan is the annual inter-school competition of SDCA that aims to celebrate the Buwan ng Wika and give importance to the national language through various activities.

St. Dominic College of Asia (SDCA) welcomed the 3rd batch of exchange students from Nagazaki International University (NIU) last August 22.

The Department of Student Affairs and Services, together with the administrators and selected 4th year BS Tourism students, conducted a Pasalubong ceremony for the nine Japanese students. The president, Dr. Gregorio A. Andaman Jr. gave his welcoming remarks to the students as they will have their English Proficiency program at SDCA for a month.

They were also accompanied each by the Tourism students and was given SDCA pin, as part of the ceremony. Moreover, the BS Tourism students will serve as their student buddy throughout their stay at SDCA.

SDCA has been in partnership with NIU since 2014, allowing the schools to collaborate, share culture, knowledge, and bring international education to life.

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