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On the 2nd day of the Student Mobility Program, the Senior High School Student of St. Dominic College of Asia took the public train going to Saga Prefecture. Upon reaching the Saga Station, the Nishi Kyushu University (NU) welcomed the Grade 12 student accompanied by Ms. Valerie H. Insigne, SHS Principal.

Here, the Dominican students shared their talents and culture to students of Nishi Kyushu University through their Philippine folk dance number. The students then went to Togami Electric Company, where they got to see the manufacturing process of the company and their different products.

After their school and company visitations, the Dominicans spent the remaining hours of the day roaming around the local mall before heading back to the hotel.



The Senior High School (SHS) students of St Dominic College of Asia together with their principal, Ms. Valerie H. Insigne, safely arrived in Fukuoka, Japan last October 15, 2019. This activity is under the Student Mobility Program which is in line with the goal of the K to 12 Curriculum to produce globally competitive learners.

Dinner was hosted by our partner, Mr. Takaoki Mizogoshi of Multistage before they left for Sasebo.

Orientation regarding their itinerary was conducted by Mr. Mizogoshi. The bus service then came to pick up the students that took them to Nagasaki Junior College and was greeted personally by the school's president.

During their stay, Vice President Kawahara taught the students how to make the Japanese Green Tea called Matcha using the traditional method which is one of the preserved culture of the Japanese people.

Lunch was then hosted by Nagasaki Junior College before the students leave for Kujukushima Saikai Pearl Sea Resort where the Grade 12 students experienced a tour around the "99 Islands."

Before the day ended, the SHS students took a public bus ride in heading back to the Multistage Office where they practiced and prepared for their performance the following day.


Congratulations! To our Dominican Alumnus, Julius Petre from BS Computer Science and his team for winning in the Hack4Rice 2019 held last August 30 to September 1, 2019.

Julius Petre and his team called Blu work created the platform called “Saka”. This enables the farmers to access information via SMS for free. The messages sent by the farmers are collected and interpreted by the web portal. The Government, private companies and NGOs can use the gathered data to properly assess the situation at hand and provide the suitable action to help the farmers.

The Hack4Rice hackathon is organized by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) with Amazon Web Service (AWS) as the technical Partner. The hackathon aims to provide solution to rice related science.

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