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Monday, 18 June 2018 05:21

St. Dominic College of Asia garnered awards in all categories on the 12th Manila Foods and Beverages Expo (MAFBEX) Young Hoteliers Exposition 2018, with the theme: “Victorian”, at the World Trade Center, June 13 - 17, 2018.

Competing on their second year, selected students from the School of International, Hospitality and Tourism Management was able to guard their title on the competition’s 6 categories; Grand Victorian Bedroom Design Competition, Destination Marketing with Souvenir Making Competition, Best Coffee Concontion Competition, Travel Newscasting Competition, Sangria Punch Mixing Competition, and Chocolate Praline and Truffles with Packaging Competition.

Out of the stated categories, SDCA was able to reap two Champion awards on the Victorian Bedroom Design Competition and Sangria Punch Mixing Competition. The winners in the Victorian Bedroom Design Competition were James Carl Del Mundo, Pauline Pichay, Elisha Joyce Ramos, Giana Ray Barrios, Arah Fannelli Teope accompanied by their coach, Prof. Melbert V. Animas. While for the Sangria Punch Mixing Competition, the champions were Hollygain Monterey, Elvin Zaryl Toledo, Dale Dame Rosaceña, with their mentors, Prof. Melbert V. Animas and Mr. Rolando S. Poblete.

Two groups obtained Silver award for the categories Travel Newscasting Competition and Best Coffee Concontion Competition. The winners were Patricia Mae Parsacala and Christian Ken Tilaon, together with their mentors, Prof. Argel Dela Cruz and Prof.Agnes G. Azul (Travel Newscasting Competition) and Ma. Pearly Dawn C. Arreza, with her mentor, Mr. Rolando S. Poblete ( Best Coffee Concontion Competition).

They were also able to earn Bronze award on the categories: Chocolate Praline and Truffles with Packaging Competition and Destination Marketing with Souvenir Making Competition. The winners for the Chocolate Praline and Truffles with Packaging Competition were Irene Moreno, Ma. Citadel Rose Nallasca, Aljay Gonzales, Ma. Paula Ann Asido, escorted by their coach, Chef Edgar Encinas. While for the Destination Marketing with Souvenir Making Competition, awardees were Francis Marquez, Ashlyne Olivarez, Camile Remolador, Stacy Ann J. Sarmiento, together with their mentor, Prof. Agnes G. Azul.

The Young Hoteliers’ Exposition (YHE) is a school-wide event that gives opportunities for future hoteliers and restaurateurs to showcase their skills, potentials and creativity in culinary arts, hospitality and tourism industry.

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