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SDCA Supports St. Anne College with its New Partnership with Workskills International

St. Dominic College of Asia facilitated St. Anne College and Workskills International’s partnership.

Last June 13, SDCA welcomed the Managing Director for Workskills International, Ms. Christine Williamson and some of the professors from St. Anne College, namely, Prof. Gerry T. Gavilan (Assistant Dean of ITHMT), Prof. Rose P. De Guzman (College Registrar), Professor Lalaine P. Manlangit (Dean of CBITE), and Prof. Raul Capisinda (Executive Assistant to the President). The conference was held at the Luigi’s Bar, located at the 4th floor of SDCA. The gathering was also attended by Dr. Gregorio A. Andaman Jr. (SDCA President), Ms. Teresita Andaman (Deputy Quality Management Representative), Prof. Rolando Poblete (Assessment Center Manager), Engr. Bernardita Escuril (College Registrar), Prof. Jennifer Yap (Program Chair for SIHTM), Chef Edgar B. Encinas (Special Lecturer).

The forum catered the discussion about the implementation of the Workskills International’s culinary class in the curriculum of the Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management program offered by St. Anne College. The culinary class was already a stand-alone course in SDCA, thus, with SDCA’s good alliance with Workskills International, they figured that it is only quite fitting that our sister school, St. Anne College, should be the next one to administer the said class.

Chef Edgardo B. Encinas preceded the assemblage with a presentation consists of photographs from their past events. After that, Ms. Christine Williamson discussed how the Filipinos’ hospitality is one of the main reasons why their organization chose our country to aid them in their advocacy. She did also shed light on the issue of high unemployment rate in Asian countries such as China and Japan. She then conferred their company’s aim to extend their support in the struggles of such countries by providing accessible employment programs.

Moreover, Williamson, subsequently proceeded into a discourse about the training programs that they offer. She also shared some anecdotes and testimonies from the experiences of the past participants of their training programs. To further elaborate her organization’s intentions, she showed their official website,, and went over the requirements and other necessary information about their program.

After her detailed confab about the program, Williamson answered questions from some of the professors from Saint Anne College.

Both Workskills International Managing Director, Christine Williamson and the professors of St. Anne College agreed that their partnership still has a long way to go.  Williamson, nevertheless, concluded the meeting by showing the certificate that they will be giving to the students once the program was properly instigated.

By: Arvic Marie Alcantara

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