Thursday, 10 November 2022 04:15

SDCBEd Conducts International Benchmarking Program in Japan

St. Dominic College Basic Education, through Principal Valerie H. Insigne conducted a benchmarking visit in Tokyo, Japan last November 8 to 12, 2022, which aims to guide SDCA Basic Education Department to develop more innovative strategies for an enhanced learning experience for its young learners.

Ms. Insigne visited Recruit Holdings in Tokyo, the main office of Quipper and Study Sapuri. Quipper is one of the partners of SDCBEd in the delivery of learning to the pupils and students while Study Sapuri is the Japanese equivalent of Quipper which Japanese students are using as their online learning platform.

Moreover, two basic education schools were also visited, namely the SEIRYO Junior High School in Kagoshima, Shinagawa Shoei Junior and Senior High School in Tokyo.

The past two years have changed the St. Dominic College Basic Education deliver teaching and learning to its students yet, it also brought new, innovative, and creative strategies for the benefit of our student needs.
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