Monday, 06 June 2022 05:45


St Dominic College of Asia Basic Education Department offers HYFLEX learning modality this upcoming Academic Year 2022-2023 to ensure a more flexible and quality learning system.

As SDCA continuously aims to provide a quality education through a revolutionized and innovative approach to learning for the Dominican students, they successfully launched HYFLEX. This new learning modality enables the parents and students to choose home-based learning (online) or modified face-to-face learning.

In line with this home-based learning modality, students will have access to quality education using a state-of-the-art Learning Management System in their homes. The modified face-to-face learning modality combines home-based learning and face-to-face learning modality.

HYFLEX learning is designed to empower the students to aspire amidst all the adversities. At the height of the pandemic, SDCA was consistent in providing holistic and effective education to all. True to its goals, SDCA remains a learner-centric institution that caters to all the students' needs and offers dynamic, revolutionized education for the new generation.

Written by Mary Sherlene C. Miranda
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