Tuesday, 14 December 2021 06:48

Medical technologists are on the next level

Dominican MedTechs have garnered international medical laboratory certification given by the ASCP Board of Certification and the Australian Institute of Medical and Clinical Scientists.

Indeed, the School of Health and Science Professionals of SDCA caters to excellence in producing world-class and top-performing scholars in medical technology. This international certification has proved that Filipino MedTechs are not just MedTechs, but in fact, are globally competitive, equipped with proficiency and superiority in the said field. The gateway to the international setting has already been established, and St. Dominic College of Asia is well-prepared and capable of delivering professionals to the next level.

MedTech students are working hard for the future, and together with this hard work is the whole faculty of SHSP, including the dean—Dr. Joel G. Matamis. They stated, “I have always believed that the most important reason why there are so many successes and achievements in examinations, be it local or international, is the “excellent preparation/s” we have been providing from the very first day.”

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