SDCA RadTech Programs produced eight new RRTs

St. Dominic College of Asia Radiologic Technology Department produced 8 newly Registered Radiologic Technologists (RRTs) with the above-national passing rate in the December 2021 Radiologic Technologists Licensure Examination (RTLE).

SDCA School of Health and Science Professions (SHSP) produces world-class healthcare professionals with successful licensure examination passers. Adding to the long list of Dominican healthcare professionals are the RRTs who recently passed the RTLE. They are,

Yuri Jangao Kaga, RRT

Kristine Joy Gador, RRT

Joanna Marie VillapaƱe Fernandez, RRT

Davr Gillo Tomas, RRT

Franchesca Louise Lucero Audije, RRT

Josh Aron Abad Buhain, RRT

Junea Aquino Badidles, RRT

Jassen Keith Mejia, RRT

Upholding quality of education, the Radiologic Technology department, as well as the other medical programs of SDCA, the SHSP Dean Dr. Joel G. Matamis said, "Undoubtedly, the faculty members, who are also RTLE topnotchers, and the excellent teaching-learning process are the biggest contributory factors why the Radiologic Technology Program consistently obtain the above-national passing rate in the licensure examinations. Our students are prepared to surpass all the challenges and eventually pass the licensure examination."

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