Thursday, 21 March 2019 00:36

SDCA Welcomes the Benue State University - Nigeria

St. Dominic College of Asia welcomed the key officials from Benue State University – Nigeria last March 18, at the 3rd Floor, Discussion Room.

Dr. Noel Sergio, the Dean of the School of Business and Computer Studies and School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management, spearheaded the event which was part of the training for the BSU – Nigeria’s International Day for Administrative Support and Interactive Tour and it was attended by the officials from BSU – Nigeria that belongs to the lower and middle management.

As required by their Memorandum of Agreement, the two organizations must share their expertise with one another. Thus, two of the faculty members from SBCS that were chosen by Dean Sergio imparted their knowledge about their skills and how it can be developed. Since the program is also part of BSU – Nigeria officials’ training for enrichment and skills development, Prof. Gerald Ocan, a Business Management Professor, discussed the principles and theories of management and was followed by Prof. Andie Tombucon, an Information Technology Professor, who talked about the importance of project management.

According to Dean Sergio, the event allowed the SDCA and BSU – Nigeria officials to interact and collaborate with each other and this kind of activity gives further meaning to their partnership.

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