Thursday, 15 March 2018 09:10

Supreme Student Council is now YORP registered

The Youth Organization Program (YORP) of the National Youth Commission (NYC) in a letter dated Feb. 21 officially registered the Supreme Student Council (SSC) of St. Dominic College Basic Education.

As such, SSC will have the privilege o being represented in congresses and activities that are exclusively only for YORP-registered organization.

In addition, our SSC officers will have the chance to be prioritized in the selection of representatives for youth consultations, NYC-initiated activities, international youth exchange programs, and other avenues which may provide further exposure to the organization.

Moreover, they will also have free access to all training programs offered by the NYC and request for promotion of organization-initiated programs, projects and activities through the NYC’s media outlets.

YORP is a program of the National Youth Commission (NYC) that facilitates the registration of youth and youth-serving organizations to ensure access and participation to NYC-initiated programs nationwide. Through the nationwide registration, NYC links up with youth to provide a meaningful and active participation in its programs.

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