Tuesday, 25 July 2017 03:40

Inter-School CoE reps gather for PACUCOA

In preparation for an upcoming accreditation, Community Outreach and Extension Office (COE) representatives from SDCA’s four schoolsgathered to discuss vital agenda for that year.

The gathering concerned the PACUCOA (Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation) Level II Accreditation. Gaining this accreditation would provideSDCA an edge because the process of accreditation will hone its teaching skills.

Why is it important to prep? In a PACUCUOA accreditation, the auditors will evaluate areas such as Philosophy and Objectives, Faculty, Instruction, Library, Research, Laboratories, Student Services, Social Orientation and Community Involvement, Physical Plant and Facilities, and lastly, Organization and Administration. In order to excel in all areas, the school needs to create documents and extensive programs to be worthy of the accreditation.

In an accredited institution, even after graduating, studentswill have an edge against their competitors when it comes to finding a job because many local and international companies prefer applicants from an accredited school.

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