Tuesday, 30 July 2019 05:06

SDCA Conducts Institutional Earthquake Drill

The Basic Education and the Emergency Management Committee (EMC), in cooperation with Bacoor Disaster Risk Reducation Management Office (BDRRMO) conducted an Institutional Earthquake Drill on July 29, 10:00AM.

The earthquake alarm blared throughout the school buildings and grounds indicated the start of the yearly Earthquake Drill, where the students performed the “Duck, Cover, and Hold”. The EMC along with the five Senior High Students Junior Respondents, who underwent summer training with the BDRRMO, guided the students towards the Molino Blvd., the assigned Evacuation Assembly Point approximately 20 meters from SDCA. The BDRRMO came to observe on how SDCA performed the earthquake drill and evaluated the whole execution which were shared on the post- drill evaluation.

The Institutional Earthquake is done four times in a year, two announced and two unannounced.

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