1. National Careers Assessment Examination (NCAE) result.

2. Photocopy of completed Grade 9 report card (S.Y. 2014-2015).

3. Photocopy of completed Grade 10 report card (S.Y. 2014-2015).
(for early birds, photocopy of Grade 10 report card for 1st grading period)

4. 3 recent I.D pictures (2" x 2") white background.

5. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (NSO Copy).


1. Get the application form from the admissions office.

2. Accomplish the Application for Admission Form.

3. Pay for the examination fee at the cashier.

4. Present O.R and fully accomplished Application Form to the Admissions Office
to claim entrance exam permit.

5. Proceed to the Guidance Office and get the exam schedule and room assignment.

6. Take the exam on the date and time given. Same day result.

7. After the examination proceed to the admissions and submit the requirements.

8. Interview with the Dean/Representative.

9. Proceed to the Finance Office.

10. If enrolled, proceed to the registrar's office for registration (C.O.E).

11. ID Application

12. Medical Examination

13. Enrollment Kit